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  • "And I guess we'll just begin again, I think you know you're my best friend."
  • "It's you and I who will hold out 'till the morning light."
  • "And darling I know I've made mistakes, but won't you follow me into the deep?"
  • "You're a rebel in disguise; is that the devil in your eyes?"
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  • ♡ promised it wɑs reɑl ɑnd i believed that, but if i fɑll for it ɑgɑin i will be fool. if our love is ɑt the end then why do i still wɑnt you? i wɑs crɑzy thinking you were mine, it wɑs ɑll just ɑ lie. ♡
  • ♡ ɑnd if you hurt me thɑt's okɑy bɑby, only words bleed inside these pɑges you just hold me, ɑnd i won't ever let you go. ♡
  • ♡ kindɑ love got me sprung, bɑby for the things you do i fools with you. ♡
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  • After every storm comes the sun
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  • list of all songs covered/written by lana del rey
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  • "Easter day of fun"
  • "lovely day-out on easter sunday"
  • (Brown Eyed Girl)
  • "The Outer box of colors and Textures"
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